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Below is a breakdown of how Get Listed can help your business generate more leads & sales using the internet.  Use the tabs to navigate and learn exactly what we can offer your business today.

Generate More Leads

Get Listed can help any business generate leads using the internet.

Using the internet as a tool to generate quality leads is a struggle for many businesses.

We have years of experience in building custom lead generation solutions for partners worldwide.

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High Search Engine Rankings

One of the most important factors to ensure the success of any online campaign is achieving high search engine rankings.

Get Listed are able to help you achieve top rankings in the search engines.  This means results.

Search engines are constantly evolving and so too is the way websites are ranked. Get Listed has the knowledge and expertise to adapt ensuring your rankings remain stable and continue to produce results.

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Increase Your Bottom Line

Increased sales and revenue are the goal of any marketing campaign.

Get Listed online campaigns are highly targeted and produce results that are evident on the bottom line.

Get Listed campaigns work and clients will see a high return on their investment.

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Stop Competing With Competitors

One of the most common ways to market your business online is to advertise in an online directory such as Finda or Yellow.

Unfortunately, when a potential customer carries out a keyword search your business will be listed among many others. Far too many New Zealand businesses market in this manner and spend valuable funds to compete directly against their peers.

When a potential customer clicks on a search result ONLY your company is seen ensuring that you have 100% of your customers attention.

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You have seen what we can do for your business.  Below we outline the exact process we go through to set up, launch & track your online campaign.  Use the tabs below to go through this process step by step.

We Research Your Market

Research is key in any good marketing campaign.  Getting your market research wrong means the campaign will never realise it’s full potential.

The great thing about online marketing is that we can see the search terms that your target market is using based on real search engine data.

We can research the top keywords in your market and refine these to create your Get Listed campaign.

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Custom Lead Generation Site

The next step in your online campaign is to build your company is very own custom lead generation site.

Your lead generation site can be configured to reflect your existing branding to ensure continuity across your broader marketing plan.

You provide any company branding and text and we take care of the technical stuff.

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We Take Care Of All Online Marketing & SEO

Any site is only as good as its ranking.  Unless your site can rank for the keywords identified in our market research it is as good as useless.  This is where years of testing and tweaking comes into play.

Get Listed sites are structured in such a way that they are “appealing” to search engines.  This helps ensure high rankings.

Getting a site to rank for ALL keywords means ongoing maintenance to keep ranking for great results.  We take care of this for your business.

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Reporting Has Been Taken Care Of

In order for you to clearly see how the campaign is performing, Get Listed will provide monthly reports.

The report will include information on current rankings and the volume of traffic your lead generation site is receiving.

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We know seeing feedback from current clients is important as well.  Below you will see what some of our current clients think of Get Listed and the results we have been able to achieve for their business.

As an Internet Marketer myself, with sites already ranking well in Google, I saw value in using GetListed for two reasons.

Firstly, a single website can’t usually rank twice on page 1 of Google, so by using the Get Listed service I can have two listings which increases the likelihood of my site being exposed to potential customers.

Secondly, having links pointing to my website, from another site that’s also high in the rankings, helps my site rank better. So as well as getting visitors directly from the GetListed pages, I see it as a valuable Link Building exercise for my own website.

In my dealings with Tibor at GetListed, I can confidently say that he will produce the results that he promises for you. He operates in a ‘no fluff and hype’ manner and is always receptive and accommodating for any updates or changes I want to make.

In short, I’m happy to recommend Tibor and the Get Listed service as a valuable piece of anyones Internet Marketing strategy.

Dan Angland, Managing Director, Direct Response Ltd (T/A Drivers Day)

I have a specialized automotive parts business that is 100% online and as such requires me to have a commanding online presence. Mine is a niche market and the campaign put together by Getlisted has been very successful in driving not only large volumes of traffic to my site, but more importantly traffic that matches very specific keywords. This has allowed me to dramatically increase my conversion rate.

Getlisted has been able to rank my site for over three thousand keywords and they are able to keep pace with the changes that Google makes allowing my web rankings to remain constant.

Advertising can be hit or miss these days and I would have to say that value for money, no other form of marketing could possibly deliver the results that Getlisted has for my company.

Director, Rotary Direct Ltd

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At the end of the day results speak volumes.  So we have put together a few case studies that track the progress of each campaign.  You will be able to view each of the sites, keywords & rankings.  This is the best way to show you how quickly we can achieve results for your business.

venluree mainVenluree Case Study

Since 1966, Venluree has been a household name for many generations of New Zealanders. In the beginning, the business provided blind cleaning and repair services but its founder Bob Playle, quickly recognised a need for good quality, well designed and competitively priced window coverings.

The case study will be covering the following topics.

  • Date the campaign started.
  • Number of keywords under management.
  • Average views per month.

View This Case Study


pitstop mainPit Stop Case Study

Pit Stop is New Zealand’s largest chain of automotive service stores specialising in Mufflers, Brakes, Shocks and Vehicle Servicing.  Over 50 outlets New Zealand wide, there is one near most people. It has grown to this size from a single shop in 1978.

The case study will be covering the following topics.

  • Date the campaign started.
  • Number of keywords under management.
  • Average views per month.

View This Case Study


dw homes mainDW Homes Case Study

DW Homes is founded on the principal of a focused customer service and delivery of an exceptionally high quality product and service. Nothing is compromised even to the smallest bolt and detail.

The case study will be covering the following topics.

  • Date the campaign started.
  • Number of keywords under management.
  • Average views per month.

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We know that some clients will have questions about Get Listed and our process.  What we have done here is put together the most common questions our clients have asked us.

We already have our own site. Why do we need one of yours?

We are not trying to replace your current businesses website.  You website will most probably have the information that is needed for customers to find particular information about your company.

The unfortunate truth is that the vast majority of businesses sites are not set up in such a way to generate the results that businesses want to see.  Get Listed sites are set up in such a way so that we convert visitors into customers.

We have a system in place that allows us to build and rank a custom made lead generation site, that will rank and convert visitors into customers.  Doing it this way allows us to use specific site structures and conversion tactics that have been proven to work and get visitors to complete the contact form or to pick up the phone.

Why cant you just get my site ranking better?

Unfortunately it is not as easy you might think.  There are quite a few obstacles to overcome when it comes to achieving higher rankings for a website.

  • Having access to the clients server to make changes to the site.  Will we be able to have access or go through your developer?
  • What CMS ( content management system ) has the site been built in?
  • Where is the site hosted?
  • What on page SEO has been done so far?
  • Has there been any off page SEO done?
  • What is the site structure?  Can it be changed to make it more search engine friendly?
  • And the list does go on for some time…

When we were planning Get Listed we looked at this scenario quite seriously, and to be able to get the results clients would expect we felt that it was far easier to build a system that was as perfect as we could make it.

This means all of our clients have the best possible chance to get the results that they want for their business.  This means building a new site for each client that has been built on a solid foundation from the outset, and will have the best possible chance to rank right at the top of the search engines.  Working on ranking clients current sites would not allow us to be able to achieve the results we would like to.

How is this diffrerent to Finda and Yellow?

Online directories have their place in all markets, however Yellow and Finda are totally different to Get Listed.

We know that being on Finda and Yellow can help a business get some traffic their sites, however the benefits do not outweigh the downsides.

  • High cost to be at the top of a category.
  • Get lost amongst the crowd.
  • Competing with competitors for the same traffic.
  • No SEO work done on individual listing pages.
  • Category pages do rank for these sites, but you have to compete with other companies when someone finds that category page.
  • Poor ROI ( return on investment )
  • Too many steps for customers to choose your business to contact.

We are not a directory, we work with individual companies to help them increase their online exposure and help them to build a real asset for their business.  Below is what Get Listed can do that the above directories can not.

  • No categories, or charges to be in categories.
  • No crowd to get lost amongst, there are no competitors listed on your site.
  • We build specific landing pages to rank for specific keywords.  We get your in front of your customers.
  • There are call to actions in multiple places as soon as a visitors lands on your site,  this means less steps for them to contact you.
  • Great ROI ( return on investment ) We find the exact keywords your customers are using and target them.  This is highly targeted marketing.

As I have said online directories have their place, but we are not an online directory and we have no intention to be one.  We see our clients more like partners, and we want to see their business succeed.  We are not interested in just taking your money and leaving you wondering if the money you have spent was worthwhile.

How does this work?

We build a custom made lead generation website that allows your business to get in front of the customers you want to target.

Who owns the leads?

Our clients own all the leads that are generated.  Visitors who contact clients through their Get Listed site contact them directly.

We have nothing to do with that part of the process, we feel that we should leave our clients to convert leads into business.

Can you guarantee results?

With any service that has anything to do with search engines and ranking highly in the search engines.  You can not guarantee any results.

If any service that you approach or approaches you and has said that they can guarantee any type of results has been telling you something that is untrue.  This is due the dynamic nature of how all search engines work currently, especially Google.

We are constantly testing and making sure that we are on top of changes made by the search engines.  At the end of the day unless we get results for clients they would not be with us, that is the true test of our campaigns and the results we achieve for all clients.

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Can I change the content myself?

We take care of all site changes and maintenance for all our clients.  We take care of everything for you.

All you have to do is contact us, and we will update your site.  It is much easier for us to do this, and we do want our clients to have to bother with learning how to do so either.

Who owns the site?

We build all client sites on what are known as sub domains.  So they would appear as clientname.getlisted.co.nz

We have done it this way, as it allows us to make changes to client campaigns as soon as we need to.  It also means that clients do not have to have any input, making the whole process as simple as we can for them.

Do I pay for hosting or domain names?

The simple answer to this is no, none of our clients have to pay any additional domain or hosting fees.  Everything is covered for each client.

What am I required to do?

Clients are not required to do anything, we can normally take what we need from your companies website.  If we do require some more information we will ask each client for this as we need it.

Once a client has decided to start a Get Listed campaign, then we take care of everything very quickly.  In most cases we can have the campaign already started within days of getting the green light from a client.

What do I need to supply?

In most cases we can get what we need directly from your company website.  We might need some extra information to use in your campaign.  Apart from the odd case, You will not have to supply us with anything at all.



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