Accountants On London

Accountants On London


Hi Jenny, Thanks for your time earlier today.   To confirm that you would like to move forward with a campaign with Get Listed, all you need to do is fill out the form on this page.

We have also completed the market research for your campaign as well. You can download it from here

All you need to do is remove the keywords that you do not want to target, and once we have that file back we can build all your pages.

We typically get a new campaign live in about a week after receiving everything we need from a client.  You will get a confirmation email from us when it has gone live.

You can also download the recording of our meeting as well – download from here

Scope Of Works

  • Boda Media will build a campaign that will you manage and generate leads online for your business.
  • There are no start up costs for design or research for your campaign.
  • Boda media will endeavour to rank as many keywords on the front page of Google as possible.
  • You will be invoiced $0.50c + gst per keyword chosen each month.  If you choose more then 500 keywords then we will charge you a flat fee of $250 + gst  per month for UNLIMITED keywords.
  • Please refer to our campaign terms and conditions here.


Payment Terms

  • Fees will be invoiced on a monthly basis with payment due on the 20th of the month following.


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Campaign Rate
$0.50c + gst per keyword chosen, per month

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Here is a copy of the rankings report I showed you during the meeting.  As you can see that your website is not really ranking that well for the keywords that you would want to be targeting in Google at the moment.  Please let me know if you have any questions about the report below.

 Accountants On London Rankings