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What Do You Get When You Join Get Listed?

market research

Market Research

We show all members the easiest and quickest way to find out what their market is typing into Google.  The keywords found are keywords that meet the following criteria.

  • Search Volume – If you rank for these keywords you will see visitors to your sites.
  • Commercial Intent – You have a higher chance to convert these visitors into real business as they are looking for a solution.


Easy To Follow Plan!

We give you a simple to follow plan so that you are able to build the pages on your website that are needed to rank for your keywords.

This does not require hours of work each week or any technical knowledge.  We have made it as easy and simple for anyone to follow.

hands off rankings

Hands Off Rankings

The biggest issue facing anyone that tries to market their website online is time.  We have found the easiest hands off solutions so that you will be able to rank highly for your keywords.

This does not require hours of work each week or any technical knowledge.  We have made it as easy and simple for anyone to follow.

product reviews

Product Reviews

Part of being a member of Get Listed is having us out their researching and testing products that will help your business get some REAL results.

We test and then only recommend products that really do work and will help your business gain more sales, leads and exposure online.

service reviews

Service Reviews

We understand that the majority of our members do not want to have to do any of the work.  We also test service providers that actually PRODUCE REAL RESULTS.  We then only recommend the services that are going to work for ALL our members.

  • Save Time – We test new service providers for all our members.  This means that you do not have to waste your precious time to see if something will work.
  • Save Money – The services we test typically cost 10-20 times cheaper then local providers.  Not only are they cheaper but they get results for our members.


Ongoing Support

We are here to also support all our members with their campaigns.  Just get in touch with us if you have any questions or would like us to take a look at how you are setting up your campaigns.

We are here to help you get the most out of your Online Marketing efforts and to help you beat your competition.

other guides

All Other Get Listed Guides

We also add other guides that will help you get the upper hand online.

You will have access to all of these guides as we add them over time. Topics will include:

Search Engine Optimization – Paid Search ( Google Adwords ) – Social Media – Email Marketing – Video Marketing – Outsourcing – Website Security – Plus More!

reduce costs

Save Money

The great thing about Get Listed is that we are going to help companies here in New Zealand save thousands of dollars each year in otherwise wasted fees.

We know that you get hounded daily with over inflated promises just get a deal through.  We will help you take control of your Online Marketing and to help you not waste your money on services that just do not work.



We know seeing feedback from current clients is important as well.  Below you will see what some of our current clients think of Get Listed and the results we have been able to achieve for their business.

As an Internet Marketer myself, with sites already ranking well in Google, I saw value in using GetListed for two reasons.

Firstly, a single website can’t usually rank twice on page 1 of Google, so by using the Get Listed service I can have two listings which increases the likelihood of my site being exposed to potential customers.

Secondly, having links pointing to my website, from another site that’s also high in the rankings, helps my site rank better. So as well as getting visitors directly from the GetListed pages, I see it as a valuable Link Building exercise for my own website.

In my dealings with Tibor at GetListed, I can confidently say that he will produce the results that he promises for you. He operates in a ‘no fluff and hype’ manner and is always receptive and accommodating for any updates or changes I want to make.

In short, I’m happy to recommend Tibor and the Get Listed service as a valuable piece of anyones Internet Marketing strategy.

Dan Angland, Managing Director, Direct Response Ltd (T/A Drivers Day)

I have a specialized automotive parts business that is 100% online and as such requires me to have a commanding online presence. Mine is a niche market and the campaign put together by Getlisted has been very successful in driving not only large volumes of traffic to my site, but more importantly traffic that matches very specific keywords. This has allowed me to dramatically increase my conversion rate.

Getlisted has been able to rank my site for over three thousand keywords and they are able to keep pace with the changes that Google makes allowing my web rankings to remain constant.

Advertising can be hit or miss these days and I would have to say that value for money, no other form of marketing could possibly deliver the results that Getlisted has for my company.

Director, Rotary Direct Ltd



We know that some clients will have questions about Get Listed and our process.  What we have done here is put together the most common questions our members have asked us.

How is this different to every other SEO service?

There are a few differences between Get Listed and other online marketing services.  Take a look below.

  • COST – We only charge $30 per month to help companies like yours to achieve real results.  Other services can cost anywhere from $500 – $2500 + gst per month.  In most cases the results do not stack up.
  • NO HYPE – We are here to show our members the easiest and fastest ways to generate the results they want to see online.
  • ALL IN ONE SOLUTIONS – We teach our members how run all aspects of their online marketing.. By doing this we save them THOUSANDS of wasted dollars each year.
  • GREAT ROI ( return on investment )  – We find the exact keywords your customers are using and show you how to target them.  This is highly targeted marketing.

Why cant you just get my site ranking better?

When we were planning Get Listed we looked at this scenario quite seriously.

We wanted to offer a solution to companies here in New Zealand that they would be able to afford long term.  Lots of our members were jaded due to other service providers out there in the market place had promised and under delivered.

So to keep costs down at a reasonable level we decided to show our members how to rank highly in their own markets.. and also show them how to tackle other parts of the online marketing puzzle at the same time.

How is this diffrerent to Finda and Yellow?

Online directories have their place in all markets, however Yellow and Finda are totally different to Get Listed.

We know that being on Finda and Yellow can help a business get some traffic to their sites, however the benefits do not outweigh the downsides.

  • High cost to be at the top of a category.
  • Get lost amongst the crowd.
  • Competing with competitors for the same traffic.
  • No SEO work done on individual listing pages.
  • Category pages do rank for these sites, but you have to compete with other companies when someone finds that category page.
  • Poor ROI ( return on investment )
  • Too many steps for customers to choose your business to contact.

We are not a directory, we work with individual companies to help them increase their online exposure and help them to build a real asset for their business.  Below is what Get Listed can do that the above directories can not.

  • No categories, or charges to be in categories.
  • No crowd to get lost amongst, there are no competitors listed on your site.
  • We help our members to rank for specific keywords.  We get you in front of your customers.
  • Great ROI ( return on investment ) We find the exact keywords your customers are using and help you target them.  This is highly targeted marketing.
  • We show you how your competitors are ranking for the same keywords, and then show you how to beat easily and quickly.

As I have said online directories have their place, but we are not an online directory and we have no intention to be one.  We see our clients more like partners, and we want to see their business succeed.  We are not interested in just taking your money and leaving you wondering if the money you have spent was worthwhile.

How does this work?

We help companies around New Zealand get the most out of their online marketing efforts.

What does this cost?

Pricing here at Get Listed has been made to be super easy.  Take a look below.

  • $30 per month flat fee.
  • No contracts or minimum terms.
  • Cancel at any stage.  No cancellation fees.
  • Test out Get Listed with our 7 day FREE TRIAL Register your FREE account below.

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Who owns the leads?

Our members own all the leads that are generated.

We have nothing to do with that part of the process, we feel that we should leave our members to convert leads into business.

Can you guarantee results?

Ranking in the search engines like Google is not as difficult as its made out to be.

If you follow a set of simple guidelines that we outline for our members YOU WILL GET THE RESULTS you want see.

What am I required to do?

Once you join Get Listed you will get access to your rankings guide.

Once you have access to that information we outline step by step what YOU will need to do to get the results you want to see for your website.

We also provide access to many other guides that will help you with other marketing topics such as.

  • Paid Search ( Google Adwords )
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Outsourcing
  • Website Security
  • Website Design
  • Plus More!

If you want results you need to take action.. We are here to guide you in the right direction and to be your online marketing partner moving forward.



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