Venluree Case Study


Since 1966, Venluree has been a household name for many generations of New Zealanders. In the beginning, the business provided blind cleaning and repair services but its founder Bob Playle, quickly recognised a need for good quality, well designed and competitively priced window coverings. A manufacturing plant was subsequently built and over time, this family owned business has managed to protect and cover over a million  of New Zealand’s doors and windows

Below you will find the latest updated information for the Venluree campaign.  We launched the Venluree campaign in  April 2012. We started to see rankings within the first 24 hours after starting this campaign.

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What you see below are the current number of keywords that are being targeted in this case study, Also the average number of views the campaign receives each and every month.

Venluree Keywords

The Venluree campaign has 2278 keywords under management.

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Here’s How To Check Our Rankings Yourself

Venluree Url To Check –

The image to the right shows how Google have arranged the search results after a keyword search is done.

There are two types of listings.

  • Free organic search results
  • Paid Ads

Get Listed campaigns only focus on the free organic listings, as the vast majority of users click on those listings vs the paid listings.  Free organic listings have a higher click through rate and also a higher conversion rate compared to paid listings.


Venluree Traffic Numbers

The Venluree campaign receives on average 5069 views per month.

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