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DW Homes is founded on the principal of a focused customer service and delivery of an exceptionally high quality product and service. Nothing is compromised even to the smallest bolt and detail. We have a team of home consultants and architectural designers who will be your main point of contact throughout your building process to ensure that you are communicated thoroughly about the progress of building your new home.

Below you will find the latest updated information for the DW Homes campaign.  We launched the DW Homes campaign in December 2011. We started to see rankings within the first 24 hours after starting this campaign.

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What you see below are the current number of  keywords that are being targeted in this case study, Also the average number of views the campaign receives each and every month.

DW Homes Keywords

The DW Homes campaign has 2870 keywords under management.

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Here’s How To Check Our Rankings Yourself

DW Homes Url To Check – www.dwhomes.getlisted.co.nz/

The image to the right shows how Google have arranged the search results after a keyword search is done.

There are two types of listings.

  • Free organic search results
  • Paid Ads

Get Listed campaigns only focus on the free organic listings, as the vast majority of users click on those listings vs the paid listings.  Free organic listings have a higher click through rate and also a higher conversion rate compared to paid listings.


DW Homes Traffic Numbers

The DW Homes campaign receives on average 13,884 views per month.

If you have any questions about this case study or how we can help your business achieve similar results, please do not hesitate to contact us.